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The Association of Independent Festivals

21st July 2016

The Association of Independent Festivals provides a collective voice for the independent festival sector, representing members on a range of issues and pushing for positive change. National trade organisation The Association of Independent Festivals (AIF) […]

Association of Festival Organisers

Fight against LP Tariff changes

21st July 2016

The Association of Festival Organisers (AFO) is asking for help to fight changes made in the LP Tariff that most events will pay for the performance of live music (any music other than classical). PRS […]

Events: Know How

Festival Glamping

30th May 2016

More than just an extra revenue stream, to offer glamping accommodation at festivals opens up a whole new clientele writes Ian Hamilton. Ten years ago ‘glamping’ didn’t exist in the lexicon of hip-talk. There were […]

Events: Case Studies

The Goodlife Experience

29th April 2016

A family friendly festival with originality at its core. The Good Life Experience takes place at Hawarden Estate, Flintshire, North East Wales, from 16-18 September. This is an event with therapeutic qualities – good food, […]