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Don’t be Critical

Charlotte Winship on why being openly critical of your rivals isn’t going to win you wedding bookings. I have had two experiences over the past couple of weeks where the salesperson has been openly critical […]

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Kitchen Efficiencies

Specifying a new catering facility? Read on for how to achieve maximum water and energy efficiencies. If you offer any kind of catering you know that success includes the menu you offer, the customer experience, […]

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Sharing Snaps

Charlotte Winship on how to harness user generated content for your venue on Instagram. Love it or hate it, social media is king when it comes to reaching your ideal audience and will play a […]

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Family Friendly Events

Stephanie Wallis asks if your venue is missing a trick or two when it comes to child guests. Now that the world of hospitality has opened up there is an increased focus on family-friendly events. […]

Ideas Fest

Curating Creativity

Andrew White on how changing workplace culture is evolving the traditional event model. The who, what and whys of business events has changed and there’s little point in holding on to the tried and tested […]

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Elopement Weddings

Opportunities for venues to cater for small but beautiful wedding celebrations. Often when we think of weddings we imagine large, formal celebrations with extended family and friends gathering to witness the union of their loved […]

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Go Outdoors

Outdoor weddings are here to stay as the government announces a permanent extension to licensed wedding venues. After a robust campaign by members of the wedding industry, the interfaith community and the wider public, the […]

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Experiential Learning

Caroline Cooper on how to get team members noticing and learning from experiences inside and outside of work. Most of us are familiar with mystery shopping and using this as a way of gathering feedback […]

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A Place to Interact

As savvy event producers recognise that face to face is more about creative interaction than stodgy conference programmes, savvy venues need to reshape their offering. It used to be said that ‘content is King’. Content […]

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Film Location Venues

Olivia Riddiford on how to promote your venue as a filming location. Venues need to utilise their space as much as possible. There may be gaps in the diary that need filling with bookings other […]

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Netflix ‘Perfect’

Andrew White outlines the elements a ‘too-good-to-be-true’ venue would boast about. Netflix’s Tinder Swindler and Inventing Anna have highlighted an absurd, yet harsh reality, of being sucked into online scams. The programmes suggest that travelling […]

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Biophilic Design

Charlotte Winship on how to incorporate the trend for biophilia into hospitality and events. Biophilia is a term used to describe our instinctive human attraction to the living world. The term was first used by […]