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Instagram Advertising

The low-down on running Instagram ads with social media expert Lisa Bullen. You can either grow your organic social media followers by creating great, engaging and relevant content, referred to as “organic growth”. Or you […]

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What is a Glamper?

Getting scientific about terminology gives an insight into the future of glamping, reveals researcher Greg Watt. While the term ‘glamping’ has established itself within recognised lexicons, the term ‘glamper’ is less acknowledged. Much of this […]

Bell Tent

Bell Tent Hacks

We’ve rounded up some of our favourite tips and tricks for the ubiquitous bell tent. Mould or mildew? Nothing beats a professional wash and reproof, but even then you might end up with stubborn mould […]


Growing Followers

In our third piece on social media, Lisa Bullen explains follower growth tactics on Instagram, tips for choosing and using hashtags and what to do with social media influencers… Your Instagram and Facebook “follower” total […]

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Small Space Trends

Create spot on glamping spaces with advice from designer Nikkita Palmer, by embracing changes to the way we look at the world post pandemic. As many of you get ready for another busy season, I’ve […]

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Making a Meadow

The restoration of a traditional hay meadow has been a labour of love but is now an essential part Swallowfield Glamping Retreat, writes owner Denise Hobbs. In the UK, we’ve lost over 97 per cent […]

Instagram strategy for glampsites

Social Media Strategy

What, where, and when to post to Instagram and Facebook. I am often contacted by campsites or glampsites wanting to know how to write a social media strategy. They are happy with posting on their […]

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The Magic Ingredient

Greg Watt discusses the importance of ‘experience’ within the glamping mix. Why do tourists choose the places they go to? What is it about a glamping site that appeals? What is the point of difference […]

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Cleaning Check List

John Maddy from Long Valley Yurts shares his change over day check list. We use a lot of check sheets across our multiple Long Valley Yurts sites. They allow us to be in lots of […]


Evolution or Appropriation?

Greg Watt digs deep into the history and evolution of glamping accommodation and asks whether permanent structures can ever be considered legitimate. A distinguishing feature of glamping during its evolution, since 2005, has been the […]

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In the first of a regular series on social media marketing, our specialist Lisa Bullen explains why Instagram is so perfect for marketing your glampsite The rise of Instagram is phenomenal. In a social media […]

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Little Spaces – Big Decisions

Architect Mark Waghorn discusses how to analyse a structure’s suitability for your glampsite. Regardless of if you are planning to start a new venture in glamping, or if you are an experience site owner, I […]