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In light of new European standards, Gareth Edwards dispels fears regarding the use of wood burning hot tubs in commercial environments.

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Following a recent advice document from the British and Irish Spa and Hot Tub Association (BISHTA) in August of this year rumours have circulated claiming that wood-fired hot tubs are no longer suitable within a business environment.

After reading this document and listening to comments from potential customers and glamping forums online we have found that many electric hot tub companies have neglected to advise that this fact was followed by an “unless X,Y and Z is followed by the business user”. Quite a handy omission from the true statement when you’re trying to promote electric/chemical options and certainly a scare tactic to put off potential wood-fired customers.

Following in depth discussions with Chris Hayes at BISHTA and Howard Gosling at Pool & Spa Advice we thought it only right to put the record straight and give you the correct information.

New European standards will soon be available documenting best practice for all hot tubs within the business environment and will state that fresh water can be used but must be limited to a single use before a water change. Something that Naked Flame has always advised.

Wood-fired hot tubs offer a totally off-grid, chemical free, natural experience for users, and the good news is that the fresh water approach is still very much a viable option in a commercial setting if these new standards are followed.

If owners were to try and use wood-fired tubs in a similar way to electric, using chemical options, and keeping water in the tubs for long periods of time, they may well be deemed as impractical. Their very nature is to be an eco option that requires no power, pumps or filters, and the ability to be sited almost anywhere an owner requires.

Potable water has a five hour window of use whereas non potable has a three hour window – plenty of time for an evening’s use, especially in wood-fired tubs with super fast heat up times. Emptying, cleaning and refilling can be done in a short space of time and fresh water is often a bather’s preference. Fresh water options also allow water to be recycled on the land after use.

At Naked Flame, we have developed the LuvTub, a two person model with a low water volume, as well as the 1.4m EcoTub four/five person model. Both tubs hold approximately 900 litres when full and take just one hour to heat. All tubs provided for business use are constructed from Thermowood, a heat treated pine with no moisture content so bacteria cannot be harboured in it.

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All businesses with hot tubs, no matter which type, will be required to supply a water sample from their tub once a month for micro-biological testing to ensure a safe environment for their customers. As well as this, all electric/chemical hot tub owners will be required to test water twice a day and keep a record of this. This is quite some involvement for owners especially when you add in chemical costs, electricity costs and installation, service, parts that may fail or need regular changing (pumps and filters) and insurance implications when handling chemicals on site.

Naked Flame tubs remain easy to use for both owners and customers. A simple clean with an anti-bacterial cleaner between fills ensures a safe environment for the user and running costs are minimal. Plastic liners are available on request but the authentic Scandinavian solid wood tubs still prove to be the most popular with sites across the UK and Europe, fitting into the vision and ethos of many with an eco friendly outlook.

Glamping at its best goes hand in hand with nature, sustainability and our environment, celebrating the unrivalled beauty of our countryside here in the UK. We will endeavour to keep producing products that look and feel part of the landscape and enable our customers to provide amazing places for people to visit and enjoy. We could easily adapt our tubs so that chemicals, pumps, filters and high levels of electricity could be used but that’s not the future we want to be part of. We’re staying natural, chemical free and eco friendly.



Gareth Edwards in the founder of Naked Flame Eco Tubs, a supplier of wood-fired hot tubs and saunas to glampsites and holiday parks across the UK. A trusted supplier to companies including Sykes Cottages, Cool Camping, Wigwam Holidays and Canopy & Stars, its product range provides a completely off-grid option with some of the fastest heat up times on the market. www.nakedtubs.com

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