We talk to head of marketing, Ann Boardman, about the solutions Saniflo offers the glamping sector including owners of sites, as well as manufacturers of accommodation.

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What do you do?
Saniflo is best known for its range of macerators and pumps that enable extra facilities to be installed when gravity drainage isn’t feasible. Waste is reduced to a liquid form and discharged through small-bore pipework to a soil stack or sewer.

The company also manufactures the Kinedo range of shower cubicles, enclosures and trays which are used by a number of holiday accommodation providers, from guest houses to glamping pods.

Why do you do it so well?
Saniflo is the original inventor of the macerator; a pump that can be installed to take waste water away from WCs, basins, showers and a wide range of other appliances. As market leader, the company has the widest range available; over 30 products that can be used in a variety of domestic and commercial applications. Constant investment in the range and the introduction of new products ensure that Saniflo offers the best choice.

Kinedo cubicles are ideal for use in timber framed buildings. Glass or plastic interior panels combine with a bespoke shower tray, external doors and panels to create a watertight shower with no need for silicone or tiles and grout – which can be prone to cracking when wood expands and contracts.

Please give us a potted company history
The Saniflo macerator was first introduced into the UK nearly 40 years ago and has grown to become a leading name in the plumbing sector. Over the last four decades the company has introduced new and bigger macerators, kitchen and shower pumps, as well as units that remove condensate from boilers, aircon or refrigeration units.

In late 2016 the first exterior sited, underground pump, the Sanifos, was launched, while in 2017 the biggest ever range revision was undertaken. The new models are quieter and offer easier access than ever before. This on-going investment ensures Saniflo pumps are always at the forefront of technology.

It is a similar story with the Kinedo range. New products, including a cut-able shower tray, have been launched this year and we look forward to introducing even more new products in 2019.

Describe your brand positioning
Saniflo produces the most comprehensive range of macerators and pumps on the market because no two jobs are the same. Ease of installation is a hallmark of every Saniflo and Kinedo product, while market-leading support comes in the form of the unique network of over 100 approved Saniflo engineers in the UK.

What is your ‘hero product’
Our hero product has to be the humble Sanivite+. For no other reason than it is our best seller year after year. And the most surprising fact of all is that it is not even a macerating pump. This powerful pump is ideally suited for kitchens or utility rooms to discharge grey water waste. With four inlet pipes it can be connected to sinks and appliances such as dishwashers, washing machines and ice makers and is sufficiently compact to be concealed in a unit or behind a demountable panel.

When it comes to our hero from the Kinedo range, it has to be the Eden cubicle. It delivers stunning design, low level access, affordability and ease of installation and is widely used in pods, cabins and lodges.

What are you most proud of?
The possibilities created by using a Saniflo. Whether it is extra bathroom or kitchen facilities in a loft, a basement, an outdoor building, a field, a house or a commercial space, there is usually a Saniflo that can handle the job. There are Saniflos on multiple floors of the Shard building that have been converted to consulting rooms for doctors, units pumping away water waste at cabin lodges in holiday parks, units dealing with waste in towable toilet and shower blocks, as well as numerous household name cafes, restaurants, hotels etc. You name it and there’s probably a Saniflo in there somewhere.

Why should a customer get in touch?
The Saniflo technical support team is on hand during working hours to offer help and advice for your project. Where necessary one of the Saniflo sales team will attend site to scope out the requirement and our merchant suppliers have stocks for quick delivery. When you work with Saniflo you have peace of mind that a trained, experienced network of engineers is always there for servicing, maintenance and aftercare.

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