Product in Focus: Flooring and Ground Protection

The Barn at Cott Farm, Somerset

Company: Paull’s Matting
Telephone: 01935 822204

Description: Country wedding venue in the heart of Somerset

Products: Coir carpet, half moon mats, and entrance matting cut to size

Paulls coir matting in a bell tentDetails: Rural diversification at its absolute best! That is the simplest way to describe how Ollie and Becca Seyfried have transformed an old chicken shed in Somerset into a permanent wedding venue with a charming and rustic feel.

Weddings at Cott Farm offer exclusive use of a spacious timber barn and its grounds, campsite and luxury bell tent hire, all set within the tranquillity of idyllic views. Licensed for civil ceremonies, couples can make their vows outdoors under a picturesque wooden pergola, or within the comfort of the barn. The barn comes furnished with handmade wooden tables to seat 150 guests, wooden beams twinkling with fairy lights and a built in licensed bar. The all-natural luxury herringbone coir carpet provides a hard-wearing, non-slip permanent floor throughout that beautifully complements the style of the venue.

Coir carpet is a perfect solution for any semi-permanent or permanent structure with solid or timber floors. Carpet from Paull’s Matting is made from the finest coir, and power loomed for a tighter weave providing a luxury rustic feel. The combination of all of these elements provides a wonderful place to celebrate any marriage and party the night away.

Paulls coir matting in wedding barn

Feedback: Becca Seyfried, co-owner, said: “The coir carpet is perfect for our rustic-chic style. It makes the venue feel warm and inviting, plus it’s non-slip and comfortable, so great for dancing on, especially for guests with high heels (and, often, no shoes!). The bell tent matting helps complete the luxurious feel and is incredibly hard-wearing. The service from Paull’s Matting was superb, from their initial consultation through to aftercare.”


Stradey Castle, Llanelli, South Wales

Company: PERFO Ground Reinforcement (S2T Group)
Telephone: 01992 522797

Description: Privately owned historic castle – wedding and event venue, filming location

Product: PERFO-AK Ground Reinforcement Tiles

Perfo ground mats in a car park

Details: To increase the viability of the castle as a venue for weddings and events, as well as its use as an attractive location for filming, additional parking space was required. However, due to the sensitive historic and rural setting, a tarmac or concrete car park was not desirable. Instead a solution was required which was permeable, would blend in with the surroundings and that met with strict requirements of CADW, the Welsh government body responsible for the protection of historic sites.

The area selected for the car park was overgrown, uneven and poorly drained, but the best location option due to space constraints. This area needed to be cleared and levelled and a sub-base prepared. Prior to installation of the selected PERFO-AK Anchor Tiles, a project meeting took place, with S2T Group’s expert advising on the most appropriate installation method. A 100mm bedding layer of 5-10 mm crushed stone with added seeded soil for greening of the parking spaces was prepared, into which the PERFO-AK Anchor Tiles were embedded using appropriate compaction equipment. Finally, the surface was dressed with additional stone to enhance the overall appearance.

Installation of Perfo matting in a car park

Feedback: The car park has met with the customer’s expectations in terms of functionality and appearance, and blends in well with the castle and its beautiful surroundings.


Newby Hall House and Gardens, North Yorkshire

Company: PapaShop
Telephone: 01491 714002

Description: One of Britain’s finest Adam Houses and a leading venue for outdoor weddings and events

Product: PapaFlex event matting

PapaFlex event matting in marquee

Details: Working in association with sister company PapaKåta, PapaShop supplied Newby Hall with PapaFlex event matting. Seen here, positioned within a PapaKåta Sperry Tent, the PapaFlex matting gives a crisp and professional finish to a luxurious garden wedding.

The lightweight flexible properties of PapaFlex lend themselves perfectly to Newby Hall as an outdoor venue. The large expanse of grounds mean that suppliers are faced with a substantial distance to carry equipment.

PapaFlex can be used inside and out, illustrated here as an outdoor terrace against the picturesque backdrop of the Newby Hall estate. The light natural-coloured weave of the matting also perfectly complements the crisp canvas of a Sperry tent, marquee or teepee.

PapaFlex event matting path

Feedback: Lucy Wright, wedding planner at Newby Hall House and Gardens, said: “Working with PapaShop by PapaKåta is just a dream. They are professional, friendly, great fun and innovative. I am always excited to hear what new products or ideas they are coming up with, leading the industry in delivering what their clients (and wedding and event planners) want and need.

“I was very impressed with the PapaFlex event matting as my clients are always worried about high heels getting stuck and tripping with coir matting; I can 100% safely say to them, they have no more worries! Having worn my own stilettos on the PapaFlex matting, it’s very comfortable to walk on and even the thinnest of heels won’t get stuck.

“The natural colour of the PapaFlex makes it sit very well within the Sperry Tents and Teepees, enhancing the light airy space. Flooring is not always something my couples think about, but as it covers such a large area and is clearly visible, as a wedding planner I need to work with something that will compliment my couples’ style and colour theme – PapaFlex does just the job!”

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