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What the Open Air Business team loves about these event toilets

IGLOOSWhat we love
Luxury loos without a trailer

IGLOOS Moduvac and Panelled Loo Systems mean venues can have temporary toilet facilities with an air of luxury, and with no trailer in sight. Both systems can be installed in tents or permanent buildings and offer a huge array of fixtures and fittings, finishes and design options.

The Moduvac range comprises prefabricated modules that can be delivered and removed quickly and easily. The Panelled System comes flat packed meaning ease of access for tricky locations such as walled gardens. We have learned that the Panelled System is very cost effective for venues that require installations lasting a period of months, such as over the summer wedding season or at Christmas, or even years at a time. This creates a setting whereby the loos feel as permanent as those found in any hotel, stately home or iconic venue.

IGLOOS also wins us over by its design-led approach. The team will work with function venues to deliver bespoke touches, such as wall finishes, worktops, and decorative features. The loos can be adapted to operate on vacuum technology or mains flushing systems.

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Vintage horse trailer WCs and showerWhat we love
Vintage horse trailer WCs and shower

It’s just such a neat idea! For small, quirky events, this 1960’s converted Rice horse trailer is just so charming. It has been fitted with a gas fired hot shower and two WCs, and runs on solar power so all you need to do is attach a water tap and find some level ground with decent drainage. It also contains some ‘surprises’ for guests to discover and some Banksy inspired artwork.

We love the simple, quirky design and the fact you can service 100 guests for just £400 a weekend! Perfect for weddings, private parties, corporate gatherings and campsites, the Bell Tent Company rents the trailer out across the south coast.

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Classic Chambers toiletsWhat we love
Hi tech loos with awesome artwork

The WC2 and WC3 pod and trailer toilets designed and built by Classic Chambers have some funky and hi tech features.

Both have a state of the art vacuum-operated fresh water flush, and floor to ceiling graphics in multiple designs from the Golden age of Hollywood to comic book chic! Both ranges also feature sensor taps, LED lighting, heating and the ability to add bespoke touches with picture frames for your own artwork or integrated TV screens for your choice of digital media. Included in the WC3 range are bridal changing rooms, big enough for the dress!

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Site equip Trailer toilets in disguiseWhat we love
Trailer toilets in disguise

Overcoming the problem of obvious, ugly or boring event toilets, Site Event has come up with some truly fabulous designs for its toilet trailers. Themes include the Gypsy Caravan, Beach Hut, Potting Shed, Shepherd’s Hut, Horse Stable and Shabby Chic. Fitted with luxury furnishings, co-ordinating accessories and featuring a themed exterior, these quirky toilet trailers are built by Site Event’s sister company Site Build and are sure to be the talk of any event!

The range can service between 125 and 400 guests, depending on the model, and feature porcelain sanitary ware, high end wooden cabinets, mirrors and spot lights. Trailers arrive on site with a uniformed driver who will set up the toilet ready for use.

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What we love
Own your own toilet trailer with a 10 year guarantee

GigLoo manufacturers event toilets and showers from a special co-polymer called Polybilt. The product is so unique that it offers a 10 year guarantee on the bodies of any trailer, pod or building purchased.

The GigLoo pedigree, comes from John Dennis Coachbuilders, the brand that build fire engines and other emergency vehicles in use throughout the UK, so you can be sure they are up to the job. As all GigLoo equipment is assembled by the same team you will be on to a winner.

What’s more, you can own your toilet trailer rather than having to hire one in for every event, and units can be personalised with vinyl wrap for a unique look. Trailers can service from 100 to 1,000 people – that’s one of the largest capacities on the market!

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Eco toilets

What we love
A green toilet solution

For venues that want a permanent solution to toilet provision, and have an eye on sustainability, the ‘dry separating waterless toilets’ from Ecotoilets are spot on.Considered to be the ideal solution for off grid venues, the toilet is odour free (as long as it is used correctly) and requires very little maintenance. This clever but simple system needs no water supply, sewage outlet, septic tank or cesspit, and can be placed anywhere, even where you couldn’t install a conventional WC.

For those of you who don’t want a hands on approach, how about an ‘incinerating toilet’? A high tech solution that reduces our human by-products to a fine ash by achieving temperatures up to 550 degrees centigrade (requires mains electricity).

Waterless toilet systems enable venue owners and their clients to achieve a low impact system of sanitation, which is a pleasure to use, easily maintained and saves water. They do not pollute the environment with harmful chemicals and are becoming more and more popular. The other main advantage is cost, there are no pits or trenches to dig and toilets can be fitted and ready to use within a few hours.

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