A product showcase with a difference; see first hand how these event marquees were put to use 

TentStyleCompany: TentStyle
Telephone: 01403 333135

Name of event: Winter Ball.

Description of event: Fundraising Winter Ball for 360 seated guests.

Structure(s): 60x15m / 30m (total 1,065m2) stretch tent, 9x9m catering tent.

Hired/purchased: Hired.

Extras: Carpet and black matting floor, LED uplighters / festoon / fairy lighting, dance floor, heating, luxury loos, generator.

TentStyleDetails: We (TentStyle) recently installed an amazing 60m stretch tent marquee, totalling 1,065m2, for our client’s Winter Ball. The ‘Winter Wonderland Tent’ was created around a woodland theme, accommodated 360 seated guests, a large reception, band and dance areas. The structure incorporated a vibrant red tent as the entrance, beautiful lighting, ambience and warmth. Our tents can be fully enclosed with skirting and door systems, creating a warm, cosy, striking structure.

The organiser said: “The TentStyle marquee was absolutely brilliant, and enormous! It looked so stunning from both the outside and inside, with lovely lighting installed by the team. We used a red tent for the entrance, which was a great and festive edition. The marquee made such an impression and looked stunning and we had a huge number of compliments after the event, which meant all our hard work paid off!”

Company: Barkers Marquees
Telephone: 01883 337099

Name of event: Garsington Opera.

Description of event: A short summer season of performances in a setting of extraordinary beauty at Wormsley, in the Chiltern Hills.

Structure(s): Bespoke restaurant marquee, series of picnic marquees and ‘Punch and Judy’ style programme booths.

Hired/purchased: Purchased.

Barkers MarqueesDetails: Garsington Opera is located on the Wormsley Estate, home of the Getty family. The estate is a splendid example of an English pastoral scene. Along with a new pavilion for its performances, Garsington Opera was looking for elegant fabric structures to house its restaurant and picnic facilities. The new marquees needed to be in keeping with the pavilion’s contemporary style as well as taking themes from a traditional English setting.

We (Barkers Marquees) designed and manufactured a series of elegant fabric structures to house the opera’s restaurant and picnic facilities. The new marquees used traditional materials, such as polycotton fabrics and wooden wall poles and finials, with a modern design tying in with Garsington’s new performance pavilion. The restaurant marquee features a double tiered canopy giving the structure a feeling of space and light inside.

Clare Adams of Garsington Opera said: “The marquees look terrific – elegant and stylish, and fit in very well with the whole setting.”

Instant MarqueesCompany: Instant Marquees
Telephone: 01840 219047

Name of event: Hamleys Toy Parade, Regent Street, London.

Description of event: A promotion for Hamleys toy store, whereby each structure is fully branded to represent a different toy. 800,000 people attended last year’s event, and it was judged the most successful one yet.

Structure(s): 17 structures, all with branding, were used. This included four 6x6m inflatable Idome tents, two 4x4m Idomes, nine 4.5x3m pop up tents and two 3x3m pop ups. All the structures had to be weighted.

Hired/purchased: This is an annual event for Instant Marquees, and four years ago was the first time we provided what we call a ‘managed branded rental’. The customer rents the structures, and buys all the branded covers which are then cleaned and stored for re-use (or not) the following Christmas season. In 2017 there were several new characters so not all the old branded covers were used.

Additional extras: For the Bladez tent, where a motorised toy was being demonstrated, we supplied special rubber flooring for the toy to move around on.

Instant MarqueesFurther details: Because of strict time limits and so many other suppliers all trying to move around a limited area, the whole installation had to be planned like a military operation, right down to how the structures were loaded into the vans. The limited time when the road is closed meant our teams had to be right at the top of their game to get it all done by the time it opened again. Finally, all the print work had to be ready well ahead of time to strict brand guidelines in each case, and to Pantone references.

From the organiser, Wilde Ones: “Throughout the build and removal your guys were very approachable and keen to help. One learning point was that they started building in the south which caused a minor delay for the Ben 10/Powerpuff Girls activation but (once I’d mentioned it) they sorted this out and were all over the ‘later install tents’ once the main build had finished.

“I’d like to thank you and Jerome for all your help and diligence running up to the event. Hopefully we managed the suppliers well enough to not cause you too much stress printing. That we had no come back on the day and the designs were all correct was really positive. It was great working with you on this event.”

Celina TentCompany: Celina Tent
Telephone: 01157 940041

Name of event: 2017 Paintball World Cup, Kissimmee, Florida.

Description of event: The world’s largest professional paintball event where 400 teams compete. We (Celina Tent) supplied tents to Virtue Paintball who was at the event supporting the athletes it sponsors with tech support and hospitality.

Structure(s): Virtue used a 60x20foot Master Series Frame with a printed canopy as the primary sales and show room. It built a hospitality courtyard around the tent using custom printed 10x10ft pop-ups. The pop-ups combined with the larger frame tent gives the flexibility to design a different layout for other events, dependent on space constraints. Everything breaks down pretty efficiently and is stored in a 36ft gooseneck trailer.

Hired/purchased: Custom printed by Celina Tent and sold to Virtue Paintball.

Additional extras: Inside the tent, Virtue had a full retail display using custom signage, 8ft tall plastic slatwalls lined with products and LED lighting.

Celina TentFurther details: In the words of the client: “Running outdoor events, the biggest problems are usually related to setup or weather. Once, as we setup for a large paintball event at the Texas Motor Speedway, the weather report called for a tornado to come through the north side of Dallas later that night. We had a timeline for our setup before the show started and couldn’t wait another day before getting our main frame tent up. So we anchored every pole down on our tent with multiple stakes at opposing angles and heavy duty ratchet straps.

“Fortunately, the tornado didn’t hit the site directly, but after the storm passed by, the site organisers sent some staff out to do a late night inspection and assess the damage. Their report was pretty simple: ‘Everything is knocked down and blown away – except Virtue is still standing!’ Always keep an eye on the weather forecast and plan accordingly. We’ve been at events with freezing snow, or pouring rain and deep mud. But inside our tent we prepare to keep it as warm, dry and clean as possible.”

Tentickle Stretch Tents UKCompany: Tentickle Stretch Tents UK
Telephone: 01217 401385

Name of event: BBC Proms, Hull.

Description of event: In the Spring of 2017, Tentickle Stretch Tents was asked to provide a stage cover for the BBC Proms in Hull. This would be the first time in history that the BBC Proms had performed outside of London and its chosen city was Hull, the 2017 Capital of Culture.

Structure: 15x20m stretch tent.

Hired/purchased: Hired.

Further details: The BBC has very strict compliance needs that must be met sufficiently. Tentickle Stretch Tents provided all health and safety documents, risk assessments and weather monitoring. The wind is an extremely important factor for any type of temporary structure. We use a combination of wind forecasting services and on-site wind meters to determine the suitability of installing a stretch tent; safety is paramount and overrides any client wishes.

With everything in place for a safe installation the Tentickle Stretch Tent could be installed ready for the Proms. The professional crew installed the 15x20m stretch tent stage cover in four hours. Once fully installed the orchestra was allowed to enter the tent and set up ready for the Proms. The event was a huge success and was broadcast live on BBC Radio 3.

FreedomesCompany: Freedomes
Telephone: 020 3695 4246

Name of event: Audi A7 Sportback World Premiere in Ingolstadt, Germany.

Description of event: The launch of the Audi A7 Sportback on the roof of the Audi Design Center, Germany.

Structure(s): Freedome 500.

Hired/purchased: Hired.

Extras: Domes were equipped with a custom spherical projection liner (screen) to provide highest visual fidelity for the projection.

Further details: We joined hands with interactive media production company Sila Svetato to prepare a launch for the brand new Audi A7 Sportback in its hometown of Ingolstadt, Germany.

Freedomes designed a 25 metre projection dome installed on the roof of the newly created Audi Design Center. An orchestra of projectors, lights and lasers played a visual symphony that could only be described as “jaw-dropping”.

The central part of the laser show fell on the car reveal moment; at the end of the projection show hundreds of laser beams pierced the space and lit up the whole dome surface, setting the stage for the car itself.

The level of communal immersion in a 500 square metre Freedome cannot be matched by any VR goggles, while the vacuum mounted spherical projection screen combined with state of the art projection equipment provided superior visual fidelity.

The self-supporting geodesic framework of Freedomes means there are no internal support columns standing in the way of creativity. These days it is possible to build a structure that looks and feels like a planetarium in less than two weeks. While smaller projection domes offered by Freedomes can be set up in a matter of days.

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