Log Burner Ban?

The Glamping Association moves to protect the industry in light of a call to ban log burners, says Adrian Mounter.

Pile of wood burning in the stove

With the government’s Clean Air Strategy and the announcement by MP Michael Gove that he wishes to see a “ban” on log burning stoves, the glamping industry has understandably been concerned.

With thousands of glamping sites across the UK using log burners to heat accommodation, the industry is arguably the single largest group using log burners. With individual sites potentially having tens of log burners Glamping Association members and non-members have expressed fears over how to provide heat for guests.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has identified that fine particulate matter is one of the most damaging pollutants. DEFRA (The Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) says that wood and coal fires in stoves makes up some 38 per cent of the UK’s fine particulate matter emissions.

As a result, the Environment Secretary outlined that the government’s Clean Air Strategy wants only the cleanest types of coal-burning stoves to be allowed from 2022.

The Glamping Association fully support the reduction of pollution and as such has already taken steps to ensure that its members and the Great British public can have warm and comfortable glamping breaks.

The Glamping Association wrote to Therese Coffey to seek clarification of the situation and has offered to work in partnership to find the best way to make glamping even greener while retaining the joy of a log burner.

The association has also worked in partnership with HETAS that consulted with DEFRA on the Clean Air Strategy in order to produce two guidance flyers.

The first flyer is for site owners to ensure their burners are as environmentally friendly as possible. As the association is aware that most glamping guests have no experience of a natural fire at home, the second flyer has been produced to educate them. It includes safety instructions and guidance on using log burners cleanly and responsibly in the hope we can prevent a repeat of the 2016 pod fire. In preparation, the association has also agreed to start field tests of a new low energy heating system for glamping accommodation from Universal Glamping.

Rob Farrow, chair of the Glamping Association, said: “We have taken quick decisive action to protect our industry and its guests. I would strongly recommend every site read the flyers and provide the guest guidance to all of their customers.”

Association members have already received a link to the flyers which can be downloaded from the website. Glamping sites worried about the effect and legal consequences of using log burners on their sites should join the association – visit www.glampingassociation.co.uk



Adrian Mounter is secretary of the Glamping Association which exists to support glamping businesses as a not-for-profit body. Its Code of Conduct helps to provide a glamping safety standard for all sites to ensure that members are providing great glamping experiences. It also provides information and guidance for those that are new to the experience of glamping so they can get the most out of their holiday. www.glampingassociation.co.uk


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