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Stradey Castle, South Wales

Stradey CastleProduct: PERFO-AK Anchor Tiles
Supplier: PERFO Ground Reinforcement (S2T Group), 01992 522797,,

Details: Parking space at Stradey Castle was required but, due to the sensitive historic and rural setting, a tarmac or concrete car park was not desirable. Instead a solution was needed that was permeable, would blend in with the surroundings and that met with strict requirements of CADW, the Welsh government body responsible for the protection of historic sites.

Stradey CastleThe area selected for the car park was overgrown, uneven and poorly drained, but the best location option due to space constraints. This area needed to be cleared and levelled and a sub-base prepared. Prior to installation of the selected PERFO-AK Anchor Tiles, a project meeting took place, with S2T Group’s expert advising on the most appropriate installation method.

A 100mm bedding layer of 5-10mm crushed stone with added seeded soil for greening of the parking spaces was prepared, into which the PERFO-AK Anchor Tiles were embedded using appropriate compaction equipment. Finally, the surface was dressed with additional stone to enhance the overall appearance.

Feedback: The car park has met with the customer’s expectations in terms of functionality and appearance, and blends in well with the castle and its beautiful surroundings.



Corner Dining with Fire Pit

Fire PitGardenman
0333 2008 333

Looking to give your glampsite a summer revival with some outdoor furniture? The Heritage Ciara Corner Dining Set with Fire Pit Table is the perfect addition for family and friends to relax and enjoy the sunshine during the day while keeping warm and eating together at night.

The set’s key feature is the stunning rattan casual dining table which boasts a large gas fire pit in the middle. There is plenty of space to dine using the table, but the fire pit adds something special to the furniture and the atmosphere when using the set. The fire pit allows you to keep your guests warm and use your furniture well into the evening, adding light and heat to your outside space.

Gardenman supplies a range of fire pit sets, corner sofas, sun loungers, daybeds and more available now with free next working day delivery to your property.


Sustainable Outdoor Spaces

Glasdon benchGlasdon UK

Glasdon has over 60 years’ experience in designing, manufacturing and supplying essential products which can improve spaces, enhance site safety and help to support waste management systems. Its range includes seating, litter bins, recycling bins, dog waste bins and water safety equipment.

To help keep areas tidy and litter free, Glasdon has a large selection of indoor and outdoor waste and recycling containers and dog waste bins, available in a selection of styles, sizes and colours to suit all requirements.

Create inviting and sustainable outdoor spaces where you need to with seats, benches and picnic tables manufactured from recycled materials. Glasdon’s Enviropol material is predominantly produced from post-consumer polyethylene and polypropylene. This means the Enviropol slats on one of our seating products could contain as many as 102,420 recycled bottle caps!


Instant, Porous, Reusable Hardstanding

01536 669630

Mudcontrol supplies high quality, heavy duty 100% recycled plastic products, specialising in the ground-breaking Mudcontrol slabs. Revolutionising mud control in the UK, with 5-star reviews across the board, slabs are certified to over 60 tonnes and suitable for vehicle use. Designed to be the base and sub-base in one, the ground underneath is protected, with grass growing up through the holes giving a totally natural look.

Ideal for managing any muddy areas, for livestock and other purposes – if you need instant, porous, removable, reusable hardstanding for a prefab building or static caravan, or as a pathway, track or roadway, Mudcontrol can help.

The company also supplies 100% recycled plastic fencing and associated products with a commitment to customer service and sustainability at the forefront of its ethos.

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