Industry Legends – Adam Łyczakowski

Name: Adam Łyczakowski
Role: CEO
Company: Freedomes / F.Domes
Contact: / 020 3695 4246 /
Favourite tipple: Whisky
Last holiday destination: Italy
Cats or dogs? Dogs
Current box set / TV must watch: House of Cards
Something people may not know about me: I would love to be on board Elon Musk’s interplanetary spaceship to Mars

What is your background?
Freedomes and F.Domes have been created by a team of four. We are professionals with background knowledge and experience in different areas of business operations. My partners provide extensive expertise on engineering, construction and architecture. I myself come from a sales, marketing and media production background both in terms of education and previous job experience.

What is the history of Freedomes and F.Domes?
As Freedomes, we entered the market with our geodesic dome tents for temporary and permanent application over 10 years ago. The company was set up as an answer to the market need for multi-purpose, durable and portable structures in various business sectors. While Freedomes mainly provides customised dome spaces for medium- and mass-scale events, the F.Domes brand was created with the view of bringing complete multi-functional dome solutions for self-assembly to private and corporate customers. Our F.Domes geodesic dome kits are readily available to be used as glamping pods, pop-up shops, seasonal cafes, sponsor lounges, outdoor classrooms, greenhouses and more.

What made you decide to launch a dome kit into the glamping market?
We have become captivated by the idea of experiencing the great outdoors in comfort and style from the very moment we discovered it. In our perception, glamping is already a stand-alone sector within the hospitality industry and we acknowledge its great potential as a branch-out and diversification concept for individual landowners, holiday parks, campsites, hotels and resorts.

What is the appeal of a dome to glampers and beyond?
The genius of geodesic domes engineering lies in the fact that they constitute both highly stable and fully shapeable spaces. That is why they can be set up in almost every terrain and arranged to suit every purpose. It’s also important to say that geodesic domes are one of the most sustainable building types with a low ratio of materials to structure footprint, and we made special care that all F.Domes pods were manufactured with 100% recyclable materials.

What features and benefits do F.Domes offer?
Our domes are fully insulated, waterproof, heated and equipped with curtains and solar powered ventilation so that they can provide a hotel-like standard in the hottest and coldest of climates. For the record, our glamping pods have been comfortably used on the Wadi Rum desert and near the polar circle for quite some time now. We also offer a bespoke turnkey bathroom module including a full-size shower, sink, flush-toilet, heater, lighting and more.

What are your predictions for the growth and shape of the glamping industry?
We believe that, with their growing popularity, upscale glamping retreats are the future of vacation getaways. The substantial advantage of glamping structures over brick-and-mortar buildings is that they can be set up almost anywhere, including places where traditional hotels cannot be built. They make it relatively easy for landowners and campsite operators to include a premium lodging into their offer and attract nature and comfort seekers.

Are you working on any exciting projects you can tell us about?
We are absolutely thrilled that our glamping dome will become a part of the Chateau-de-la-Motte Husson renovation project. This fairytale castle in France was bought by Angel and Dick, a passionate British couple who made it their life goal to restore the 19th-century magnificent manor to its old glory. Our glamping pod will be set up in the middle of the lake surrounding the chateau as a serene outdoor retreat. We can’t wait to see the project once it’s completed!

What plans do you and F.Domes have for the future?
We currently have a busy and exciting time launching a new product line – F.Domes.Grow, a sustainable greenhouse kit for low-scale organic food production by households, schools, businesses and local communities.

This autumn, we will also be introducing an industry-first, real-time 3D glamping pod configurator. Our domes come in various sizes and colours and can be equipped with a range of different accessories. Thanks to the configurator, everyone will be able to design the glamping pod that suits their needs and requirements best, and take a virtual tour around its life-like 3D model. We will keep you up to date with all our new ventures!

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