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Towcester Racecourse, Northamptonshire

Towcester Racecourse, NorthamptonshireProducts supplied: Outdoor/indoor LED lighting and festoon lighting
From: Ellievision AV (07790 132298 / www.ellievisionav.co.uk)

Details: The challenge was to take a racecourse, with two opulent main function buildings and over 300 acres of beautiful countryside, and turn it into a wonderful winterland experience for the Winterland MK event, which ran over a six week period.

From the start, as the event is held in the darkest months of the year, it was clear the use of lighting would be key. Lighting can capture the imagination and transform a venue, but with such an expanse to cover, Ellievision AV worked with the Winterland MK project team to ensure the key focal points and routes were illuminated by up-lighting the iconic buildings, magnificent trees, walkways and chalets with dramatic effect.

Towcester Racecourse, NorthamptonshireThe company provided a complete lighting solution including a woodland trail to Santa’s grotto! With such expansive grounds, the festoon lighting guided visitors from the entrance to the heart of the action where the ice rink and chalets were located.

Feedback: The team at Winterland MK truly appreciated having Ellievision AV on site for the duration of the event. Ellievision AV became an extension of the Winterland MK project team, on hand for any eventuality that came its way. Continuous attention to detail throughout the event, and an ability to adapt to the evolving events programme, meant the delivery was actioned seamlessly.


Product Snapshots

Hot Water Wind Turbine

Hot Water turbine technologyFuturEnergy
01789 450280

FuturEnergy’s new British manufactured water heating micro wind turbine package is now available. This is the first of its kind, focusing directly on heating water. This sounds easy but the clever thing about the package is that the Airforce Controller can extract more energy from the wind than a typical ‘off-grid’ battery charging system. It does this by precisely controlling the rotor speed of the turbine to perfectly match wind speeds at any given time.FuturEnergy Wind Turbine

The package includes an AirForce1 wind turbine, Airforce Controller V4 and Anemometer. Additionally, up to three temperature sensors can be connected to the controller which can be used to stop heating should a required temperature be reached. The package costs £2,250 (incl.VAT).


Marquee Heating

Thermobile marquee heatingThermobile UK
02476 357960

Thermobile heaters are manufactured in Holland and built to a very high quality. They have a minimum efficiency of 90 per cent, which means that 90 per cent of the fuel burned goes as useful heat into the heated space and only 10 per cent via the flue. This is a very high efficiency in comparison to other heaters on the market. The Thermobile ITA range is ideal for heating marquees and other temporary structures. It comprises small, mobile units with a 5-10m range for ducting and 15hr integral fuel tanks. The larger IMA units require a separate fuel tank and can be ducted up to 40m.

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