Global Glamping Summit

Glamping Hub’s Amy Ahlblad reports on last month’s Global Glamping Summit, a first for the industry

What? The Global Glamping Summit

Where? Denver, Colorado

When? 24-25 April

Who? Brought to you by the organisers of the Glamping Show, Swan Events, in association with international glamping portal Glamping HubThe introduction of glamping as an alternative to camping as we know it has the power to touch countless lives and the entire future of tourism and travel, and certainly merits an official seat at the table of budding businesses. The Global Glamping Summit, which took place in Denver, Colorado in April, served as the exact platform needed for those making considerable strides in the glamping industry to share their visions and potential within this sector.

An industry first, it offered a space for key leaders in the field including tent manufacturers, campsite operators, and global impact initiators, to discuss the merits of glamping and how it can drastically transform the way in which outdoor travel is perceived around the world. The event attracted 170 attendees from 10 countries and 18 states across the USA.

Reconnecting with nature
The summit boasted a number of experienced speakers who shared their valuable insights on how to best nurture the glamping industry using a global lens and fine-tuned entrepreneurial skills. One speaker was Rebecca Martin, a Glamping Hub host who led a session to answer attendees’ questions. She is the mastermind behind Terra Glamping, an organisation that produces glamping experiences around the United States. Her company designs specialised sites, from weddings and retreats to large event productions, in the hopes of meeting the precise needs of every guest wishing to reconnect with nature.Outdoor hospitality
Two other summit speakers that Glamping Hub is proud to work with are Robert and Emma Frisch, the owners of Firelight Camps. Emma and Robert examined marketing trends in the glamping industry and how existing operators can be flexible in the face of constant change. With glamping’s luxurious presence challenging traditional camping in the world of hospitality, seasoned professionals are being motivated to stay updated and aware on the new market trends and the role they can play in an ever-evolving field.

As glamping hosts themselves, Emma and Robert were able to offer unique insight into what it means to provide a service that confronts the classic tradition of camping. Firelight Camps offers luxurious platform tents for rent in Ithaca, New York. The couple emphasises the junction of nature and luxury with their glamping sites as they aim to inspire their guests to rekindle the connection between family, travel, and a shared appreciation for nature.Customer loyalty
A vital topic not to be overlooked by anyone involved in the world of hospitality is customer loyalty. How can glamping hosts ensure they are producing an experience that travelers will commit to in the long term? The idea of going glamping may be attractive at face value, but how might uncertain travellers be convinced of the merits of this alternative accommodation?

Sarah Riley made the trip from the UK and dove into this topic with a fervor during her session on customer allegiance. Sarah is the founder of Inspired Camping, an online business guide devoted to motivating glamping entrepreneurs to thrive in the hospitality industry. Inspired Camping aspires to encourage the world of glamping to meet its potential by helping business owners find the courage and strategies to be successful.

The holistic approach
Arguably every aspect of glamping is novel and ripe for development. That being said, one core feature of glamping is the shared value of respecting nature and the established balance between travellers and local cultures. David Leventhal went above and beyond in both his seminar session and private interviews discussing the holistic approach that glamping hosts ought to take on impacting people and places.

David is the owner of Playa Viva, Mexico, an eco resort that seeks to strike a balance between luxurious accommodation and reverence for the surrounding nature and local culture. David says that “Playa Viva is where your vacation meets your values,” and encourages all glamping entrepreneurs to bravely create a unique atmosphere that will leave a lasting positive impact on their guests and communities.

One of the summit’s most important goals was to highlight the need for the glamping industry to expand into mainstream, international dialogues in order to gain wider acknowledgment and participation. While the summit brought forth crucial players and interest groups that will undeniably pioneer the development of glamping, there remains a lasting call for wider participation and recognition of the luxurious alternative to traditional camping. The efforts and discussions will continue as the exciting world of glamping grows and inspires travelers worldwide.

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