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Private Party, Hampshire

Private PartyProduct: FloorStak tailored cassette floor system plus structure support and levelling equipment
Supplier: FloorStak, 07841 069627, alan@regenteng.com, www.floorstak.com

Details: Joseph Benjamin Marquees (www.josephbenjaminmarquees.co.uk) near Aylesbury recently completed the first installation of its beautiful brand new Sperry pole tent for a private party event in Hampshire. Because of the steep slope of the chosen site, it was decided that cassette flooring would be installed and would need to be levelled using the FloorStak system.

The radiused ends of the 14m x 32m tent were accommodated by two special floor sections, purpose-made for use with this type of pole tent. While erecting the tent on a rectangular floor would have been quite possible (and it’s commonly done this way), the company decided to entrust FloorStak with the manufacture of the special “tailored” end units which follow the shape of the tent and eliminated the risk of water ingress from exposed corners of the floor.

Private PartyThe resulting installation, which also incorporated a lower level seating area for viewing the entertainment stage, looked very professional. The design and production concept behind the FloorStak cassette floor system help to make it highly configurable and therefore versatile. It is proving invaluable to event installers, and is also now being used in military and emergency aid applications worldwide.

Customer feedback: Joe Goode, director of Joseph Benjamin Marquees, said that the levelling system, flooring, and pole tent were all erected from scratch in the first two days of the build, which he felt was quite remarkable since much of the equipment used was completely new to his team.


Underneath the Stars Festival, South Yorkshire

Underneath the StarsProduct: 100-340 Tufftrack panels
Supplier: All Weather Access, 01371 700510, info@all-weatheraccess.co.uk, www.all-weatheraccess.co.uk

Details: For the past four years, All Weather Access has supplied Underneath the Stars Festival with trackway.

The quirky annual festival celebrating music, arts and culture always promises a fantastic weekend for visitors. Unfortunately, due to a rainy week in 2019, the area the festival is held in suffered tremendous ground damage, causing many logistical problems. As the festival relied on a one-way access route throughout the grounds, organisers were in desperate need of a temporary roadway to ensure that vehicles were not getting stuck in the mud!

Underneath the StarsAfter a site visit, it was established that the event would need a heavy form of ground protection, known as Tufftrak. This heavy-duty ground protection is not only a strong durable product, with a loading capacity of 150 tonnes per square meter, but is also designed for temporary roadways and working areas, ideal for heavy plant and machinery. The 100 panels of Tufftrak were then installed by All Weather Access’s expert team.

The panels would turn out to be key in allowing all vehicles to successfully flow through the track, ensuring the roadway system worked properly with no stuck vehicles. Not only did this solve the festival organiser’s problem, but the client loved the service so much the team has been invited back each year, and this year is supplying 340 panels.



Event Infrastructure Foundations

First BaseFIRST BASE Ground Screws UK
01548 859879

How can you create a secure foundation for your modular building, staging/decking, cabin or pod without the time, cost and disruption of using concrete? Simple: use ground screws!

Modern, high load-bearing ground screws can be installed using electric or hydraulic drivers in minutes, providing an instantly-loadable, more sustainable foundation without vibration and upheaval to soil and root structure. And if your buildings ever needs to be moved, the screw piles can simply be unscrewed and re-used!

FIRST BASE Ground Screws UK provides a friendly, professional service from advice, initial site assessment and geotechnical testing to tailoring a package to suit each customer’s needs, working in conjunction with their trusted installation partners nationwide.

The range includes fixed-flange screws for all soil types and slopes, plus the latest PRO-V extendable models for poor ground conditions. The G3 Series and RIM models are designed for posts and poles – perfect for awnings, sail shades, tents and fences.


Market Leading Matting

Marquee FloorsMarquee Floors
01787 372988

Marquee Floors is a market leader in high quality matting and flooring for the marquee and glamping industries. Its DandyDura product has a long-standing reputation as the UK’s bestselling polypropylene matting for the marquee, tent and tipi hire sectors. Very easy to maintain, extremely durable, fully reversible, lightweight and weatherproof, it is also very aesthetically pleasing for all sorts of events.

With a range of colours, DandyDura is available as a fully bespoke purchase with all shapes and sizes considered. Bound edges and eyelets are also available on request.

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