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Green Goblet  produces the widest selection of Branded Reusable Cups ideal for stadiums, festivals and sporting arenas. We aim to help organisations create greener events with less rubbish to clear up and dispose of – meaning less landfill.

As our cups are branded to your event, they make the most perfect advertising and marketing tool – the perfect take home souvenir.

We also offer the full service from start to finish, from a purchase and service option to washing/drying and storing the cups.

At Green Goblet we are passionate about a greener planet and do everything possible to keep our carbon footprint low, from using the most environmentally friendly washing and drying machines on the market to having our cups made in the UK.

How will it benefit you by using our Green Reusable Cups……………………….?

  • Less landfill, better for our planet.
  • The cup is recyclable showing that your organisation cares about the environment.
  • Less rubbish and waste to clear up and dispose of after the event – less clear up costs.
  • Not only saves an organisation money but makes them money – saving on purchasing disposable cups and making money from the reusable cups.
  • Perfect take home souvenir.
  • Great for advertising and sponsors.
  • Safe for the public and a sturdier cup making it a more enjoyable drinking experience.
  • Innovative marketing tool.
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