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John Maddy from Long Valley Yurts shares his change over day check list.

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We use a lot of check sheets across our multiple Long Valley Yurts sites. They allow us to be in lots of places at once as well as giving accountability to the role of cleaning and traceability for our customers.

We have created a full operations and safety manual for each of our locations and, following our training, we give our landowner partners a copy so they can successfully manage their side of the operation.

Here is an example of an old check sheet that we had for our bell tents many moons ago, pre-Covid. The bell tents were off-grid and at remote locations – before the days of cordless vacuums! Nonetheless, they are a good example of how to create a list for checking off jobs on turnaround day.

• Remove throws/rugs and shake outside (remove/replace if dirty and take to laundry)
• Sweep down futon mattress/covers using dustpan and brush
• Remove and thoroughly clean food storage boxes next to the cooker
• Remove and clean beanbags where necessary
• Sweep carpeted floor using a stiff brush – remember to sweep under the futons
• Replace storage boxes/bean bags and rug
• Replace throws – throws go over futons so the bottom of the throw is in line with the floor
• Sweep and mop wooden section at the front of the bell tent
• Clean wood burning stove flue and around the hearth (make sure stove has been emptied out)
• Fill wood basket generously include firelighters and newspaper
• Empty ‘cold’ ash bucket into bins – careful that it is fully extinguished
• Set double futon with a welcome pack, visitors’ book and leaflets as per photo

• Clean cooker, grill and control knobs
• Empty bin, clean and polish and replace liners
• Tidy inside of storage cupboard making sure everything is clean
• Check cutlery numbers (4 x knives, forks, spoons and tea spoons – replace as necessary with spares box)
• Check utensils in line with inventory – let the office know if there is anything missing
• Check all cutlery and utensils are clean
• Make sure bell tent is equipped with a lighter, tea, coffee and a tea towel

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Maintenance checks
• Check solar lights and fairy lights are working
• Check fire extinguisher and fire blanket are in place and haven’t been tampered with
• Check gas levels
• Visual check of hob/hose and connection valves
• Check bell tents have not moved, are ripped or damaged and no stakes or pegs have been pulled out
• Check guy ropes around the tents and tighten if necessary

• If anything is not working, or you are unsure about anything (no matter how small/trivial) in this section please notify the office immediately as maintenance will need to visit the bell tent ASAP before guests arrive
• If the spares box has been used, to top up supplies please make sure you inventorise before the end of your shift to enable reordering of stock in sufficient time

Before you leave
• Mop the floor on the way out
• Once finished look back inside to see if everything is where it is meant to be and there is that ‘wow’ factor for guests!

We would have this check list on a sheet that the cleaning team would take around with them. They would sign and date it for each unit per clean and tick each individual element off. There would be initial training that took place when they started employment so they understood the nature of the role and what was required. There is huge value in these sorts of sheets. They provide many benefits, from a structure for staff, to a process for training new people at a required base level, and achieving compliance while delivering risk management procedures.



John MaddyJohn Maddy is a glamping trailblazer, speaker and one of the brains behind Long Valley Yurts, one of the longest established and largest glamping companies in the country. He is also co-founder of Canopy, an independent membership organisation providing industry specific training, support, qualifications, accreditation, auditing and consultancy. / /

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