Wedding venue

Biophilic Design

Charlotte Winship on how to incorporate the trend for biophilia into hospitality and events. Biophilia is a term used to describe our instinctive human attraction to the living world. The term was first used by […]

Interior design bedroom

Glampsite Interior Design

Designer Zoe Hewett explains why interior design should be a priority for glampsites. Interior design for outdoorsy glamping pods might seem a bit of an extravagance. Isn’t it all just chintzy floral patterns and cushions […]

Clean wine treatment spray

Offer Guests a Hangover-free Experience

Clean Wine, the wine treatment spray clinically proven to reduce and eliminate the effects of hangovers by removing headache-inducing preservatives (i.e sulphites) from wine, is now accepting wholesale orders, having sold almost exclusively online for […]

Burrs Live event
Case Studies

Burrs Live

A multi day event pulled together in record time thanks to the help of excellent suppliers. Organised in just eight weeks by performing arts venue The Met, Burrs Live took place in Burrs Country Park, […]