Tubby’s Forest Frolic

23rd April 2017

The battle of the wedding fairs leads to trouble for Periwinkle’s chums Monday Twistleton-Penge dropped by. He is so full of entrepreneurial va-va-voom following his discussion with Fields of Gold – our consultancy – that […]


Fields of Gold

31st March 2017

Periwinkle and co make it up with neighbour Twistleton-Penge before suggesting a solution to improve his cash flow Chuffer, Tubby and yours truly were hanging about the Glamper’s Retreat one afternoon, playing some drinking game […]


New Year Resolve

13th February 2017

Periwinkle and friends look ahead to 2017 and contemplate a new tranche of entrepreneurial activity. Amid the straggly remnants of last year’s Christmas decorations, which the landlord of the Glamper’s Retreat could not be bothered […]


All That Vajazzle

15th January 2017

As Chuffer considers the ‘relentless negativity’ of his site inspection report, Tubby suggests that it might be time to consider other options, such as turning Woodstock Plus into a jazz festival The postman stuffed Chuffer’s […]


The Great Outside

30th November 2016

Introducing three new lines of business during one weekend may have seemed over ambitious for Chuffer, but no one could have foreseen the disaster that unfolded Great news! This weekend Chuffer launched three new business […]

Circus wedding

Chuffer Ties the Knot

14th September 2016

Periwinkle steps in to advise Chuffer on his wedding set up, but one thing leads to another and a new business idea is born. Having sealed the deal with Ms Meadow Flowers to stage Woodstock […]

Farm Business Innovation Show

Loch Up Your Daughters!

21st July 2016

Periwinkle finds that festival organisation isn’t quite as straightforward as one might think. I told you last month that a frozen brain fart caused me to undergo some sort of religious experience. A voice commanded […]


Keeping Your Feet on the Ground

31st May 2016

Periwinkle and friends fall victim to entrepreneurial zeal – all in the name of the great outdoors. All three members of the Toffee-Hammer Club – ‘Chuffer’ Donaldson, ‘Tubby’ Cartwright and yours truly – sat at […]