Festival Glamping

More than just an extra revenue stream, to offer glamping accommodation at festivals opens up a whole new clientele writes Ian Hamilton. Ten years ago ‘glamping’ didn’t exist in the lexicon of hip-talk. There were […]


Forecast for Success

Jim Bacon believes that the outdoor hospitality industry can use modern meteorology to help minimise risk, maximise guest experience, plan resources and match visitor expectations to the weather of the season. All types of outdoor […]


Stage Specifics

Specifying a stage, writes Jane Russen of Star Events Ltd, requires careful consideration but it is nothing a good supplier can’t handle. Anywhere you want to bring together a number of people and focus their […]


Care Free Catering

There’s a whole raft of free services available to event organisers from the Nationwide Caterers Association, writes Mark Laurie. You may already have heard about the work the Nationwide Caterers Association (NCASS) undertakes to help […]


Estate Events

Simon Foster, director of Commercial Heritage, Savills, looks at how owners of historic houses and rural estates might maximise their revenue streams. The national contribution of historic houses – economically, culturally, socially and through education […]