Californian Grills

Californian GrillsCalifornian Grills is a UK-based company fabricating steel barbecues based upon the Santa Maria grill which originated in the Santa Maria Valley, California. Run by a husband and wife team, the couple had lived in the valley and saw how popular and practical the grills were so launched their own versatile version.

The key feature of the Santa Maria Grill is that the grilling rack can be raised or lowered by a hand crank mechanism to control temperature whilst cooking. They are also modular, comprising the fire box, grilling rack, and stand/legs, giving you a variety of different ways to enjoy an outdoor fire. This versatility allows you to enjoy an open fire in the firebox or campfire, then cook by simply adding the grilling rack and, in the case of the campfire, the legs ready to experience a unique way of barbecuing. Once you’re done with cooking, remove the grilling rack and return to relaxing around the fire.

The outdoor hospitality sector appreciates the ease of use of the Santa Maria grilling rack and because of this Californian Grills have been commissioned by chefs and outdoor catering establishments to make a variety of bespoke racks to fit into built-in kitchens or large standalone grills to cater for demanding requirements.

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