Add Duŝo Style to Your Amenity Block

Duso style Horne shower panelsWhether you are planning a completely new facility this winter or refreshing an older amenity block for your campers and glampers, the Horne Duŝo shower column will add a touch of minimalist but vibrant design. Not only does it look smart and modern with its smooth, anodised aluminium column, arching head, chromium flash and trim colours, it’s also pre-plumbed and a piece of cake to install. It operates with the lightest touch and requires minimal maintenance.

The Duŝo is a timed flow control shower that delivers water at a constant rate of 8L/min for 60 seconds (30s variant also available) before flow cessation. This combined flow rate and duration offers the optimal balance for an effective shower while minimising use and wastage of pre-heated water. A single unit, or a small group of Duŝo showers, can be supplied with pre-blended warm water from an upstream Horne thermostatic mixing valve (TMV) – either in an open wet-room arrangement or separated by vanity partitions.

Available in four colours, the push-paddle and spray plate add to its visual appeal and can, perhaps, connect it to other elements of the chosen interior design. Alternatively, use the colours to indicate specific functionality such as a colder shower (aqua blue) or cater for users with limited sight (yellow). Although the spray-plate – with its flexible silicon nozzle array – is very easy to clean in-situ, a regular colour swap of the spray plate could indicate a specific stage in a formal cleaning regime.

Cleaning and maintenance is very simple and straightforward: remove the spray-plate to access the shower’s active components – flow regulator, timed flow control cartridge and its fine-mesh strainer, which protects the mechanism from particulate matter that can be carried in the water supply.

At 1,176mm tall, and mounted at a recommended height of 1,950mm from fixed floor level (FFL), the Duŝocan easily accommodate taller adults. Younger children can also use the shower with ease: set at 875mm from FFL and requiring a light touch, the push paddle is easily reached and operated for flow actuation.

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