A Temple to Nature

Temple to Nature composting toiletThe new Temple to Nature is more than just a composting toilet, it also features a roof pond which fits over the main hexagonal body of the building, making it an extremely robust design. The pond holds up to 65ltrs of water and the water level can be adjusted to enable planting on top. A free bird box can be ordered too!

Only a spirit level, a spanner and an Allen key headed screwdriver are needed for the simple construction. The hexagonal shape allows for space saving ground allocation when units are placed adjacent to each other and a main collection bin can be hidden behind.

There is a fully fitted separating unit inside with an integrated seat for ease of cleaning – options include a urinal and small children’s adapter seat. The overflow from the roof is directed under the floor and can be allowed to follow the urine into a soakaway or be collected separately in a water butt or flat underground tank. The water ‘diluted’ urine is a valuable nitrogen fertiliser that can be applied to fields with no danger of pathogens.

A machine is also being designed for the ‘Loo Fibre’ biochar mix to be dispensed from behind the toilet, propelled by a press button battery operated switch. www.templetonature.co.uk

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