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Bringing together credible businesses for the delivery of exemplary outdoor events, NOEA explores the theme ‘It Could Never Happen to Me!’ at its annual convention

The business of events is an unstable one at the best of times. The very nature of an event means months and even years of hard work is put to the test ‘on-the-day’ and the ability (or not) to control the uncontrollable remains the test for any event.

So, in perhaps a fitting opening to some regular contributions from the National Outdoor Events Association (NOEA), it’s up to us to first scare you all, and then hopefully provide some solutions and guidance to the pitfalls and drawbacks of working in this industry that we all love, and where the UK genuinely leads the world.

However, this is an industry with too many ‘bandits’ devaluing it, and it is our job to present a policed community to event organisers, so they can work with credible people to ensure safe, empowered and highly creative events happen. When so much pressure is put on the importance of each event, the need for good people and strong businesses around you is incredibly important. For over four decades NOEA has bought together these credible, high performing businesses; we represent the very best organisers and organisations in the industry, and fight hard for the professionalism and commercialism of the sector.

It’s this reason, a positive, can-do reason, that forms the backdrop of our annual convention this year. I’m delighted to announce through this, our first column in Open Air Business, that the theme for the NOEA Annual Convention 2018 will in fact be ‘It Could Never Happen to Me!’

Why? Because if anything sums up a NOEA member it is their approach to this very subject. How can we, as an industry, protect ourselves and our guests from the inevitability of micro failures at events, and how do we deal with the consequences? For me this is a return to our roots as an organisation. Over the course of the convention we’ll show real life examples of what can happen when we take our eye off the ball and demonstrate what this means for the event as well as the event organiser.

Another standard that makes us great professionals, and one that we’ll explore at the convention, is that we’re using our knowledge to help events happen, to rise to the creative challenges of our clients, and to be bold enough to say ‘yes’ as well as ‘no’. The one thing that unites every member of NOEA is a passion for the events industry, and we set ourselves the task of enabling events, not stopping them.

So, as ever, through the NOEA convention we’re looking to make good from the bad, and to send out a positive message from our industry, about our industry. In the past, we’ve looked at broad subjects, commerciality and creativity, but this year we’re going more granular; how do we put on great events, safely and securely? How do we enable an industry and protect the people we serve? How do keep on making events happen?

We’re looking forward to sharing more of NOEA’s activity, and that of our members, with you all. We’ll keep sharing what we find with you, so keep an eye out for us online through our website and all the usual social media channels. We’re only as good as our members, and I hope to see many of you join our community, and certainly to see you at our convention later this year.

To learn more about NOEA, search for a quality event supplier, or join its membership, please visit noea.org.uk or contact Susan Tanner – 01749 674 531 / susan@NOEA.org.uk

For more information on the NOEA Annual Convention on 22 November, visit noea.org.uk/annual-convention

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