A Completely Mobile Headset Event Solution

Couple at a headset eventSilent discos and other headset events are well established in the world of outdoor entertainment but with the mobile wireless system from Silent Noize Events, you can now take the silence anywhere. Running entirely on battery, there’s no need for mains power meaning there are no limitations to where your event can take place.

Set up pre-made playlists for your silent disco on mobile devices and talk to your audience through the Silent Noize headset microphone. You can even take people on tours around the grounds.

Not just for silent disco either, these headset systems are fantastic for fitness classes, yoga, cinema and a range of other entertainment. With no amplified sound, there are no noise restrictions which can’t be bypassed. Think silent disco in an open field or on a beach. silent yoga in the middle of a forest or silent cinema on your courtyard; the possibilities are endless.

Reimagine your event space and rethink the way you can entertain your audience.

0203 727 5382, info@silentnoizeevents.com, www.silentnoizeevents.com

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